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Branding Aged and Community Care

Gail Worthington-Eyre

Gail is an experienced brand manager, social media manager, and general business manager and has expertise in the following business areas. Aged Care, health product branding and advertising campaign development, strategic planning and business development. Gail Worthington-Eye is the author of a Marketing guide and 3 self help books.

Adelaide, Australia

Social Media, Brand management, General Business Management, Author.


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What is Social Media?

Are aged care providers ready to brand and position services and organisational/business “point of difference” to ensure they attract consumers as the changes in access to aged care occur over the next few years?

Is marketing on the radar?
Have you allocated a budget – is it enough?
Do you know what your point of difference is?
How will you sell your story?

This is an important topic that should be at the forefront of thinking for all aged care managers and leaders? I often hear, “aged care isn’t sexy”.

No it’s not, It doesn’t need to be. It is not a box of special K, it is much more powerful than that, it is emotive, real and at some point we are all exposed to it on a personal level.

What are your thoughts?


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