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Market with Social Media

Gail Worthington-Eyre

Gail is an experienced brand manager, social media manager, and general business manager and has expertise in the following business areas. Aged Care, health product branding and advertising campaign development, strategic planning and business development. Gail Worthington-Eye is the author of a Marketing guide and 3 self help books.

Adelaide, Australia

Social Media, Brand management, General Business Management, Author.


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What is Social Media,?  Market with Social Media?

Social media is a fast growing and rapidly evolving
marketing platform that is within reach of anyone with internet access. The
rapid increase in customer to customer communication for business drives brand
awareness and if managed well results in, improved customer service. An
important add on is that social media marketing is a relatively inexpensive
platform for businesses to launch marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing is the process of gaining
website traffic or attention through websites and social media sites.

Social media marketing generally requires you to create compelling
content that attracts the attention of customers current and future so that
they will be stimulated to share it with their social networks. This allows
your message to spread quickly from customer to new customer and because it
came from someone who has a relationship with the first person it is considered
or implied that it is trusted.

This form of marketing is viral in many ways, driven by
word-of-mouth, meaning it results in organic marketing rather than more
traditional paid marketing.

Social networking using blogs, Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn and websites allows and even encourages communication between
individuals to build relationships and brand awareness.

follow are the outcomes you will want to achieve and we will help you with.

1. To acquire new customers

2. To retain and maintain present customers

3. To retain and grow sales volume or profit from existing customers
This is as critical for a commercial business as it is for a NFP.

4. To migrate existing customers through your product or service portfolio

To market with social media you will need some fundamental
tools but they are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. There are two tools that that you should get to start you off on the right path, it doesn’t matter if you are starting a personal blog or launching a social media marketing plan for a large corporation. YOU are going to want and need these tools.

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network. Start taking advantage of LinkedIn to drive traffic, generate leads and boost your revenue. Make it work for you and your business. Visit my blog at to fid out how you can leverage LinkedIn to help you.

The second tool is a video production program, if you are serious you are going t need one of these. Again visit my blog to find out how you can get this inexpensive tool.


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